We have spent a good deal of time looking for Wine Pairing venues for Saturday nights once a month that can handle a private, sit down group of 20 minium.

We typically reserve the venue at least 60 days out and have a budget of $20/person for 6 wines and 6 pairing foods which is $400 for the group.

The venue location will probably bring in about double or $800 because many people eat at the same location before or after the event. And that does not include after event referals.

We are also looking for presenters that know the: Wine, Pairing and Regions.

Our job(F&W) is to get paying people in the room and create a legendary program.

We are looking for venues:

* That are licensed to serve food and wine.

* Venues that want to work with us and do what they say they will do.

* We never cancel of change things once we post them, PERIOD!


Below you can click on and see our programs for Previous events we held.

Sept 2016 at Total Wine See program

Nov 2016 at North Loop Wine See Program


Feb 2017 at North Loop Wine See Program

March 2017 at Total Wine See Program

April 2017 at Toast Wine Bar See Program

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